4. Dezember

Message in a Bottle. From Britain – with love & solidarity

4 fights – Overcome the Equality Pay Gap; Against Contracts/Casualisation;
Against Unsafe workloads; For a Fair Pension.
8 Days – Strike action.
1 Voice – Universities and Colleges Union UCU.

We have been on strike for 8 days.

For 8 days, we have withdrawn our labour.
For 8 days, we did not get any pay, and trade unions don’t have strike funds.
For 8 days, we experienced amazing on solidarity from students, and colleagues.
For 8 days, we were overwhelmed by donations and care.

But also the cold hit us – not the weather, but the cold from the colleagues crossing pickets, shouting at us, giving   excuses why they could not ‘afford’ being on strike.

We have been on strike for 8 days.

For 8 days, we used the time to discuss what the 4 fights we are fighting mean to our everyday life.
For 8 days, we learnt about shared fear and anxiety.
For 8 days, human interaction, dignity, and curiosity kept us warm.
For 8 days, we rebuilt what our University would look like.

We are fighting together with comrades and colleagues against a neoliberal system that puts
Numbers before names; 
Careers before care;
Metrics before motions;
Elitism before equality.

We have been on strike for 8 days. 
Our strike has only just begun.

Four fights, One voice.

A striking difference.

( Kendra – University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)


Hintergrund: Bericht der GEW zum Streik an britischen Hochschulen: https://www.gew.de/aktuelles/detailseite/neuigkeiten/streik-an-britischen-hochschulen/

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